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Whatever your motivation, at some point the useful life of your electronic equipment will end and responsible disposal will become an issue.  With more than five decades of recycling experience, we eliminate your concerns by providing the most secure, environmentally friendly and profitable means of disposal available anywhere.  With a global network, SEER provides cradle to grave services to businesses throughout the world. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized businesses, state and city governments, and schools and universities.

environmental responsibility

Electronic waste represents 2% of America’s trash but more than 70% of its toxic waste.

Old computers and electronics that are not disposed of properly can contaminate the environment and lead to massive fines and bad publicity.  With a zero-landfill policy, SEER eliminates these risks.  By adhering to the strictest standards throughout its system of reuse, remanufacturing, redeployment and recycling, SEER navigates the myriad of environmental regulations so that you can focus on what you do best.

data security

Initial attempts to clean electronic waste often leave trade secrets, financial information, client data and other information available for the taking. 

SEER eliminates all data security risk by ensuring that all data and software are effectively cleaned from your equipment before it leaves our facility.  Any data that cannot be completely eliminated due to physical damage is shredded to ensure that the data is not recoverable by any means.

We also offer certificates of destruction and certificates of data deletion upon request and guarantee 100% data security.


With the most experience refurbishing and remarketing used equipment, SEER maximizes cash recovery potential for our clients. 

And for assets that are not recoverable, our competitive price structure allows clients to accurately predict disposal costs with certainty.  Whether paying to dispose of material or getting paid for valuable equipment, our customers often see an immediate benefit to their bottom lines.