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Improperly disposed of PCs, monitors, and other hardware leach toxic metals into the soil, contaminate water supplies, and can wind up costing millions of dollars in fines, cleanup costs, and bad publicity. Storing equipment that will never be used again – often at great expense –
is not a good option for any organization.

SEER’s environmental friendly asset recovery is the responsible solution. Equipment that is capable of being upgraded or repaired is restored and sold. Computers, monitors, terminals, printed circuit boards, telephones equipment, TV's, VCR's, and comunication systems that are unusable are demanufactured at a SEER facility - components of value are sold and batteries, circuit boards, CRT's and mercury switches are sent to permitted facilities for metals recovery.


Data Security
We make sure your confidential data stays confidential.  Initial attempts to clean electronic waste often leave trade secrets, financial information, client data and other information available for the taking.  SEER eliminates all data security risk by ensuring that all data and software are effectively cleaned from your equipment before it leaves our facility.  Any data that cannot be completely eliminated due to physical damage is physically destroyed to ensure that the data is not recoverable by any means.

SEER provides a range of options for erasing media storage devices based on your security requirements.  Typically, assets are transported to a SEER processing center, where drives are sanitized or destroyed.  For organizations that require a higher level of security, we offer hard drive encryption, as well as the option of erasing drives before they are transported.  In all cases, SEER warrants the erasure results and indemnifies our customers against unauthorized data transfer.
SEER Processing Centers are fully protected by security systems, and are under constant surveillance using digital camera systems.  
Whatever your company’s information security needs, SEER can provide a solution or suite of solutions to meet them.


Equipment Remarketing
Although our needs change from time to time, SEER typically purchases the following types of equipment for remarketing:

  • Pentium-level computers, controllers & servers
  • Telecommunications equipment & telecom components
  • Networking equipment
  • Miscellaneous hard drives, floppy drives & CD-ROM drives
  • Circuit cards
  • Board level components and IC's for metals recovery
  • Computer room equipment including UPS's, racks, etc.
  • RAM chips
  • Software
  • Many other parts & components